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Note: I am NOT accepting new clients or supervisees. I may be able to accommodate a returning client.
How do I book a session?

To schedule a session, use the contact us form.

How are sessions conducted?

Video sessions are conducted over Jane; alternatively a phone sessions are also available.

How do we know if we fit together?

We can have a FREE 10-15 minutes phone conversation to determine if we resonate and are a good fit to work together. Video resonance check is not available at present.

What happens after I book a session?

You will receive an informed consent and an intake forms to fill out prior to our first session. 

What are the fees and payment options?

Please contact us to find out more. ​

Where are we registered?

We are located in Ontario, Canada and registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Therefore, we are governed by:

  -  the rules and regulations of our college; and

  -  the provincial and federal laws.

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